Series 4 Episode 5

Series 5 continues with part two


Tune back in to the Sword of Ker Podcast's bizarre storyline for the epic series 4 episode 5

Part 2 of Season 4 begins with this strange, epic episode that will leave you laughing one minute and scratching your head the next!


Series 4 soars into the raging climax of the series in episode 4.

Things start to get weirder than they normally are & the bizarre scene twists into a puzzling conundrum of WTF? scenarios.


In Series 4 Episode 3 the series begins to reach it's bizarre and thought-provoking climax as things in the Sword of Ker Podcast studio - and elsewhere on Earth start to go awry.

Join in on the adventure!


Series 4 continues with episode 2 and asks the question: "What has the Am I a Dumbass Phone got to do with global domination?"

In this episode, Captain Orgasm & his boy companion Zenith enter into the story of Series 4.


The Sword of Ker Podcast's epic Series 4 begins!

Suddenly the Podcast actors are under attack from an unknown source - or maybe not.

The hilarious Sword of Ker podcast continues with the season that started an internet phenomenon - Series 4.  Enjoy the antics of Bork McGonkin, Clive Snooterson, Dr. Harjeev Paco Hernandez Dahwan DDS, Rufus McDufus & Lupe the Non-Castrated Bull as they take on the hideous Gorf Barflinger.